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      Carolina Coin & Relic Association was formed on March 17th 2007. We originally started with 10 members and currently have around 10 to date.  Although a relatively small group, we share a diverse range of valuable treasure hunting knowledge and ideas. Areas such as coin shooting, relic hunting, beach/water hunting, gold panning, rock hounding, coin roll searching, and competition hunting is what we enjoy as a hobby.

Our club holds monthly meetings in Goose Creek, South Carolina. We have several categories in which we display and vote on best liked.  Summer months we usually hold an evening hunt for members at a local beach. The month of November we have our year end Members Only Hunt, also at a beach area and a year-end banquet/dinner.

We believe the preservation of history is important to all of us and abide by a strict code of ethics, as all of us should. We want to educate our future members and non-members for generations to come.  In doing so, we will fight to protect our hobby as well as stand by each other, be aware of local, state and federal laws, help bridge the gap of any misconceptions about our hobby, and be accountable for our actions.

Our club supports the Federation of Metal Detector and Archaeological Clubs Inc. The FMDAC is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and protection for the hobby of recreational metal detecting and prospecting. Take a moment and visit their site listed in our links.

Many times I have been asked, “What is the best thing you ever found?” I always reply, “It would have to be the friends I have made and camaraderie we share within this great hobby of Metal Detecting”.  Thank you for taking your time to view our web site.  For more information or questions you may have, please use the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page.

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